CosmoDoggyHealth: Allergic Dogs: Atopic Dermatitis And Pyoderma
Atopy, Atopic Dermatitis, or Atopic Allergy, one of the most frequent types of allergies in dogs, is a reaction in response to substances present in the air which could be inhaled or absorbed when in contact with the skin.

Plants and pollens are seasonal allergens while some foods or ingredients, like wool, feathers, mildew, house dust and mites are present all year long. Atopy could affect dogs of all breeds. However, there are some breeds that are more susceptible to Atopic Dermatitis. 

Click on the links below to know more about the Atopy's symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, tips to prevent it, as well as the breeds more prone to this kind of allergies and opportunistic bacterial infections.

The Perfect Match: Baby Shower

Baby is a French Bulldog that adopted six newborn wild boar piglets, who were found just in time in a cold forest in Germany. Her maternal instinct made her immediately accept the babies and remain alert to the needs of her adopted puppies.

The reasons and mechanisms that drive adoption in animals remains a mystery. However, everything suggests that, like instincts, it is an inherent behavior. Studies on the brain and the behavior of animals explain some of the factors that motivate --->CONTINUE READING


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CosmoDoggyNews: Cuteness Overload At The Puppy Bowl

Like every year just in time for the Super Bowl, Animal Planet is broadcasting the Puppy Bowl, one of the most important pet adoption events in the world. 

In its XII edition, on February 7 from 3-5 PM ET/PT, the show will showcase puppies, coming from 44 rescue groups from over 25 states, a half-time show brought by kittens, and among others delicatessens, the chicken cheerleaders. 

This year, to experience even more cuteness, the show will be available in 360-degree videos so you can be in the middle of the action through 360° Virtual Reality. 

To enjoy the show, you can visit the Animal Planet website, Youtube, or download the Discovery VR app for Android and iOS on your mobile phone.  Explore the ways to watch Puppy Bowl Virtual Reality.

You can also learn more about dog breeds and find your perfect match, and then log in and create your own team by visiting the Fantasy Draft, where you can see the puppies and participate in the games.

And the most important thing...Get inspired and adopt!

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To All Those Who Appreciate Love, Happy Valentine's Day

We Celebrate Love

Because CosmoDoggyLand is all about four-legged friends that remind us of the important things in life..., we Celebrate LOVE 

Happy Valentine's Day

CosmoDoggyLand does not own these pictures. No copyright infringement intended. 

And...One of the most famous furry movie kisses.    

PAWPARAZZI :) Happy Dogs In Australia

Malibu Dog Training 
Emulating the Pharrell Williams'  "Happy", which is the first 24-hour music video, "Happy Dogs In Australia " is also becoming viral. In the framework of the beautiful beaches of the Australian Gold Coast, a group of dogs participate in a joyful and energetic 3 minute-long video filmed during an excursion to a dog-friendly beach, a service offered by Malibu Dog Training for graduates in his off-leash program.

Like the original "Happy" video, "Happy Dogs" also features the guest appearance of famous four legged Youtube star, also known as The Skateboarding Cat, Didga. After being rescued, Didga is the protagonist of several videos on the CATMANTOO Channel. Robert Dollwet, the trainer behind Malibu Dog Training, not only loves cats, but also shows that they can be trained like other animals by using positive methods.

After being posted on May, the video has had over 4 million views and is guaranteed to help lift our mood and put a smile on our face, even when everyday news make it seem otherwise. So, "clap along if you feel like happiness is the truth".  Enjoy and be happy!

PAWPARAZZI: World's Richest Millionaire Dogs

Believe it or not, our world counts with millionaire pets. They were certainly important enough for their wealthy humans to chose them as the heir of their fortunes. 

Until December 2011, Trouble held the the title of the richest pooch when Billionaire Leona Helmsey left her fortune to her Maltese pooch, a decision caused "trouble" within her family. 

Trouble died at age 12, but lived an extravagant lifestyle, which included hand fed crab cakes, cream cheese and steamed vegetables, Mercedes limousine rides and international notoriety. 

Since then, Gunther IV and Toby Rimes have become the world's richest dogs

Upon her death in 1992, Countess Karlotta Libenstein of Germany left a millionaire fortune to Gunther III, her four-legged companion, to be managed by trustees. In turn, Gunther IV, son of Gunther III became the owner of the six-digit sum upon his father's passing. This German Shepherd is reportedly a big spender, having bought Madonna's Miami property for several million dollars. He loves white truffles and eats caviar and steak on a daily basis.

Following Gunther IV is Toby Rimes, the descendant of a poodle of the same name who was once owned by New York millionaire Ella Wendel. Upon her death in 1931, Wendel left her fortune to her dog, whose value has more than doubled, and is now in the paws of Toby. 

Another four-legged millionaire was Flossie adopted by dog-loving celebrity Drew Barrymore from an animal shelter. Flossie had a special place in the hearts of the actress and her ex-boyfriend Tom Green, as the pooch alerted the couple that their home was on fire. Barrymore considered Flossie to have saved their lives, and decided to include her beloved furry friend in her will. Although Flossie passed away in 2010, she was one of the top richest dogs in the world.

Today's Funny Treat: Magic For Dogs

The talented Finnish magician and mentalist Jose Ahonen performs magic tricks in front of dogs, showing us how they react when the treat disappears in front of their eyes. The video captured the hilarious expression of their faces when the snack is mysteriously lost displaying behaviors that go from confusion, disappointment, and in only one case some barking as a sign of complaintElsa, Taisto, Nakke, Gado, Nino, Dumle, Sälli, and Torsti are Jose's four-legged partners of different breeds and sizes in this funny video, which got almost 10 millions of views in its first 5 days on Youtube and promises to become viral