PAWPARAZZI: The Tallest And Smallest Dogs Alive

Update: PAWPARAZZI: Milly Is 2014 Guinness World Record's Smallest Dog

Zeus is the new tallest dog alive according to the 2013 Guinness Record Book. This 3-year-old Great Dane from Michigan is 44 inches (2.13 meters) high when 
standing, only one inch taller than Giant George, the former record-breaking dog.

He needs 12 cups of food a day to maintain his 155-pound (70-kilogram) body weight. Because he is the size of a regular donkey, his family had to buy a van, since they can't all fit comfortably in a regular car.

On the other end of the dog size records is Boo Boo from Kentucky, who is 4 inches (10,16 cm) tall, only ten percent of Zeus' height. She has holds the title of the smallest dog living for several years.

Hopefully, there will soon be a picture of Zeus and Boo Boo.