PAWPARAZZI: 2013 World's Ugliest Dog is...Walle!
The winner of the 25th Edition of the World's Ugliest Dog® contest has been crowned! 

His name is Walle, a mix between a boxer, a beagle and a basset hound who dazzeled the judges with his unusual proportions, and his comical way of walking. The four-year old pooch from Chico, California was entered in the contest at the last minute but certainly came in first in this most pawstigious competition.

Every year, a wide variety of pooches participates in this event at the heart of the Dog Lover's Festival in Petaluma, California, to find out which one will claim the title of the ugliest dog. These pups are not judged by their talent, but by their unusual looks and bizarre traits.

This year, Walle marked Ugliest Dog Award history, where lately, the winner circle was usually composed of Chinese crestedsuch as the 2012 winner Muglyas well as Chihuahuas or a mix of both.

Out of 30 participants, Walle was the one who recieved multiple rewards alongside his title, which included a $1,500 prize, a glamorous photo shoot, numerous TV appearences and a wonderful stay at the Sheraton for his owner and himself. 

The CosmoDoggyLand team congratulates Walle! We are certain he will not only have a memorable experience but also a very busy year in which he will grow accustomed to camera flashes as well as well-deserved popularity. 

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