CosmoDoggyHugs: Lending A Paw

"The richness I achieve comes from Nature, the source of my inspiration," said Claude Monet. When we are wise enough to unravel the knowledge and beauty that Nature provide us with, we are able to capture the wonders of it like Monet did. By appreciating Nature and all its beings and by following our instincts, we can certainly find our path towards a better humanity. Ancient civilizations understood it. They relied on Nature and worshipped its wisdom, which allowed 
them to overcome adversities.

Last week we posted a video showing what dogs can teach us. However, most of the videos we post about animals contain important lessons.
The following video, is certainly not an exception. It stars Inky, a seven-month-old puppy, who cried when his senior friend Scooby, got stuck outside the house.
Inky understands the value of sharing his life with his elder friend and the situation allowed him to perceive that his friend was at a disadvantage compared to him. Indeed, instincts allowed him to help his weaker pal, first crying for help, until he discovered his own strength and skills.

When we started this blog we highlighted the fact that we love and respect all animals but that we believe that dogs, specifically, play a very special and natural role in the evolution of the human race. A dog is more than just a companion and a protector. Dogs are also avid workers and assistants.

Service and assistance dogs are a perfect example of the wonderful results obtained when humans appreciate the importance of natural talents.

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