PAWPARAZZI :) Happy Dogs In Australia

Malibu Dog Training 
Emulating the Pharrell Williams'  "Happy", which is the first 24-hour music video, "Happy Dogs In Australia " is also becoming viral. In the framework of the beautiful beaches of the Australian Gold Coast, a group of dogs participate in a joyful and energetic 3 minute-long video filmed during an excursion to a dog-friendly beach, a service offered by Malibu Dog Training for graduates in his off-leash program.

Like the original "Happy" video, "Happy Dogs" also features the guest appearance of famous four legged Youtube star, also known as The Skateboarding Cat, Didga. After being rescued, Didga is the protagonist of several videos on the CATMANTOO Channel. Robert Dollwet, the trainer behind Malibu Dog Training, not only loves cats, but also shows that they can be trained like other animals by using positive methods.

After being posted on May, the video has had over 4 million views and is guaranteed to help lift our mood and put a smile on our face, even when everyday news make it seem otherwise. So, "clap along if you feel like happiness is the truth".  Enjoy and be happy!

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