CosmoDoggyNews: Love Motel For Dogs
A particular type of business has emerged from Brazil's new socio-economical scenario consisting of motels for dogs as an answer to the need of many owners for a safe place where they can cross their pets.

Brazil's recent economical growth is setting a new reality for Brazilians and this trend is consequently affecting the lives of dogs.  The increase in the number of middle class citizens and income per capita, gives people more purchasing power and rises the country's life expectancy while decreasing its fertility rate. This new economical situation translated to a higher number of people getting pets, putting Brazilians among the top three countries with the highest pet dog population in the world, with over 30 million poocheswhich they treat as if they were their children.

This also conveyed the creation and development of a new business in pet related product and services. The dog business has grown so much so fast that some eccentrics such as botox injections for dogs are being offered by certain surgeons.
Intended to fulfill owners' needs as well as animal welfare, love motels for pooches provide comfort, assistance, veterinary care, and safety as well as some spoiling opportunities to pamper the lovers. A one day stay at the motel costs around $50 and extra services can be obtained for an additional expense. For instance, beef-flavored muffins and nonalcoholic dog beer, perfume, grooming, spa, and canine apparel can be added to the bill. The motels facilities even include a gym and lounge available for pet birthday parties.

Dog motels are a great choice for people who do not know where to leave their pooches to be crossed and look not only for a physical space, but also for professional assistance. On its web page, Animalle Mundo Pet explains that the name "love motel for dogs" is a playful way to promote a professional service of veterinary medical assistance to dog reproduction, increasing the chances of success and avoiding any disease transmission. Some of the services offered are advising throughout the pregnancy, reproductive capacities evaluation, artificial insemination, fertile period determination sperm quality evaluation and cryopreservation, with the 
possibility of retaining the latter as long as desired. 

You can explore Animalle Mundo Pet's facilities further on the following video.

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