CosmoDoggyNews: Sami Stoner, the first legally blind teenager to compete in cross country with her guide dog, Chloe
Sami Stoner, a legally blind teenager from Ohio, has just completed her first cross country competition with her Golden Retriever guide dog, Chloe.

At age 14, Sami began losing her sight to Stargardt disease, and her condition has progressively degenerated throughout the years. Despite all this, she was able to join the Lexington High girls cross country team and is now looking forward to compete at the college level for Otterbein University.

Sami's commitment to this sport and her team as well as her beautiful friendship with her loyal companion Chloe has warmed many hearts, becoming an inspiration to other young kids to follow their dreams and never give up, against all odds.

Meet the joyful pair below.

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