CosmoDoggyNews: The SPCA in New Zealand opens its first driving school for rescued dogs

New Zealand has opened its first driving school for rescued dogs!

Cute Dog Driving Convertible

The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) started this campaign with the objective of showing the world that shelter dogs are intelligent and therefore increase the number of adoptions. After following a 7-weeks of training indoors on how to change gears, break and steer, the dogs are able to put the cars in gear, accelerate, start driving and steer the car when indicated by their handlers.
In the video below, we can see 18-month-old Monty. This Giant Schnauzer cross was given up 6 months ago by his family who claimed he was too hard to handle. Ginny is whippets cross who was rescued from an abusive home and Porter, a 10-month-old Beardie cross, was abandoned on the streets. 

The three canine drivers will pass their test on national television next week. So, make sure to tune in!

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