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Luckily for all dog lovers that enjoy reading, the last couple of months have been loaded with numerous and diverse new books about our beloved furry friends and their humans. Without including technical books, i.e. training, dog care, or breed information, from philosophy to humor, every subject of our human existence is or can be related to them. The human-canine bond is the main theme of many stories recently released, which we thought could be a heartwarming pastime for the upcoming Holiday season, and perhaps a nice Christmas present for those who were blessed with the existence of a four legged family member. 

October was definitely a fruitful month characterized by the launch of many books that had great success and now find themselves in many Christmas wish lists. We tried to summarize some of these new titles according to readers' referrals and ratings. They are the following:
Uggie  — My Story, by Uggie 
The canine star, best known for his role in "The Artist", "Mr. Fix It" and "Water for Elephants", has released his autobiography called Uggie — My Story, which looks back at his remarkable life and career. The autobiography of the now-retired actor who inaugurated the Golden Collar Awards and received his first award for his outstanding performance in "The Artist" gives readers the opportunity to learn about this incredibly talented artist. Even if Uggie can act, skateboard, and perform lots of different tricks, he is not yet able to write. So, this responsibility was delegated to the British author Wendy Holden, who collaborated in the biography of other Hollywood stars, such as Goldie Hawn. However, what Uggie can do, and certainly did, is demonstrate his love for Reese Witherspoon, his co-star in "Water for Elephants" to whom he dedicated his book - "For Reese, my love, my light". The author put in paper the story told by Uggie's adoptive Dad and trainer Omar Von Muller. The latter shared all about Uggie's life, from his difficult beginnings to being one of the most famous canines of 2012.

Pudsey: My Autobiography, by Pudsey
This autobiography was released by Pudsey, the winner of Britain Got Talent 2012. In his book, he tells the story of what made him the perfect dance partner for his owner Ashleigh Butler, with whom he caught the attention of an entire nation when he won one of the most important competitions aired on television.

Underwater Dogs, by Seth Casteel
This book is a photo book, where the author, a pet photographer and animal rights activist, caught the funny spectacle of diving dogs seen from beneath the water. The photographs published in the book quickly became a success online and and have been featured in The New York Times, Animal Planet, and numerous other important media outlets. Casteel has been recognized by TIME Magazine and The American Humane Society for his animal advocacy efforts.

A Letter to My Dog: Notes to Our Best Friends, by Robin Layton, Lisa Erspamer, and Kimi Culp
Robin Layton is one of the most talented photographers of America and this book is a compilation of pictures of celebrities and their dogs, as well as wonderful letters where they express the unique love they share with their canine companions. Oprah Winfrey, Hilary Duff, Willow Smith, Mariel Hemingway, Fran Drescher, and Tony Bennet, among many others, wrote touching letters to celebrate the loyalty as well as unconditional love and friendship that dogs provide us with. 

November was also a busy month with great releases.

A Dog Named Leaf: The Hero from Heaven Who Saved My Life, by Allen and Linda Anderson 
This is a story about the marvelous bond between humans and dogs as well as the healing power of love, which can truly make miracles.

What's a Dog For?: The Surprising History, Science, Philosophy, and Politics of Man's Best Friend, by John Homans
This book explores the evolution of the canine-human relationship throughout time, as well as the important place dogs nowadays have in our life, family, and society.

A Dog Named Boo: How One Dog and One Woman Rescued Each Other - and the Lives They Transformed Along the Way, by Lisa Edwards
This book is for therapy dogs' fans or any other person interested in real stories about the miracles pooches can make. It demonstrates the impact of dog therapy, not only on the life of handicapped children, but also in the author's recovery from a difficult and troubled childhood. Edwards is a dog trainer and behavioral consultant registered at Pet Partner Program of Delta Society

December promises to be full of new releases. Therefore, we will update you as new books are issued. We will be pleased to receive your feedback and we encourage you to add your comments as well as your reading recommendations.


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