FUN TASTIC :) : Meet Simon, Daisy's Amazing Mentor
Having a good mentor in life is an invaluable tool that can positively influence our chances of being successful. A good tutor is not only a source of encouragement, but also someone who contributes to discover our talents and ease the feeling of frustration always present in each and every learning process.

Growth and evolution are associated with the ability to manage the emotional impact that mistakes have on our self esteem. Being able to extrapolate the experience acquired through small achievements and applied to more ambitious goals are key to helping us face life's present and future challenges with confidence.

Like humans do, dogs rely on mentoring to pass on knowledge from one generation to another. In this video, a puppy called Daisy cannot get down the stairs, and Simon, an older and more experienced dog, shows her how to do it. This four legged teacher, not only gives a lesson to his student, but also shows us a very natural way of teaching.

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