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Obedience Fun Match at Blue Ribbon
Obedience is a discipline that emerged with the goal to evaluate the ability of a team (human-dog) to follow an exercise routine. Obedience training is meant to teach the dog controlled and collaborative behavior. Indeed, this practice implies a good harmony between the dog and the handler, leading to a perfect understanding even when they are at a significant distance from each other.
Belgian Shepherd or Belgian Sheepdog

Obi Wan  4 years old
 Belgian Shepherd 

JJ Continental Toy Spaniel (Papillon)
The images used to illustrate this article are from obedience competitors who gathered last Sunday, February 3rd, to participate in the Obedience Fun Match hosted by Blue Ribbon's Canine Centre.

The competition brought together a large and varied group of adorable pooches as well as handlers, trainers, judges, and hardworking volunteers in the center's facilities at Dorval.

The event, which took place throughout the day and gathered numerous teams, is one of the many ..... organized and hosted by Lise Hargrave, the owner and head trainer of Blue Ribbon Centre.

                                                        Oopik & Theo 
Golden  & Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever

Each of the three levels of obedience competition, Novice, Open, and Utility, requires the mastering of a particular skill set and the ability to successfully perform a series of standardized exercises. Each of the latter is prerequisite to advance to the next level, characterized by an increase in its difficulty.

Novice tests includes exercises to prove good canine companion skills: Heel on leash and free, stand for examination, stay sit and down whether alone or in a group of dogs, and recall. They provide a great preparation for obedience trial competitions, Canine Good Neighbor tests, therapy dogs training, or simply training advancement.        
Tristan Cavalier KIng Charles
 Novice. Prospect at Spring Open

     Bouncer Novice, Black Miniature Schnauzer competing with his handler 
Sky Novice Miniature Schnauzer 

Off Leash Exercise

Open competition asks the team to perform exercises that show their intermediate level of obedience skills. It consist of more challenging exercises, such as off leash heel and figure of eight, retrieving, jumping, drop on recall, and stay and down without seeing the handler. The successful performance of these exercises can lead to obtaining the American Kennel Club Companion Dog Excellent Title (CDX) or its equivalent.

Vishnu. Open, Bouvier des Flandres
Elevage de la Wallanie

Calli German Shepherd

Zoey English Springer Spaniel 
 3 years old

Jimmy German Shepherd 5 years old

Utility is the advanced level which tests dogs' highest degree of skills with exercises of great complexity. It combines the commands achieved at Novice and Open levels with the dogs' innate scent detection abilities through assignments like silent signal exercises, scents discrimination, retrieve and jumping.
Brioche  Golden Retriever

The scores accumulated from utility competitions can lead to obtaining the Utility Dog Title (UD) and Utility Dog Excellent (UDX) and Obedience Trial Championship Title (OTCH), with the latter being the topmost development award in terms of dog obedience.

With seventeen years of experience teaching obedience classes and multiple certifications under her belt, Lise has eleven matches scheduled at Blue Ribbon Centre for 2013, with the first of them taking place on January 13th.

The next session of classes starts on February 11th and the upcoming Obedience Fun Match will be on March 3rd, which everyone is welcome to attend.

During these matches, dogs and handlers have the opportunity to test their skills through a competition where the fun never misses the appointment.

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