Working Like A Dog: Sled Dogs, Teaming Up For Survival (Part I)
One of the most ancient working dogs are those used for pulling the sled and its “driver”, the musher, through frozen lands. As we mentioned in our article Sled Dogs, Pulling Human History Through Time, the significance of this type of canids and the job they perform dates back to 2,000 BC, playing a major role in the survival and development of civilizations in the hostile, cold winter grounds of northern Europe, Greenland, and America

The function of sled dog changed according to human needs and has evolved throughout history. In the past, these dogs were instrumental for transport and communication, while also taking part in exploration and discovery teams. Today, they are considered to be elite canine athletes, they participate in high performance competitions.
Nowadays, because of the replacement of dogsled by modern motorized ways of transportation, “mushing” is practiced mainly as a sport and is  CONTINUE READING--->


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