PAWPARAZZI: World's Richest Millionaire Dogs

Believe it or not, our world counts with millionaire pets. They were certainly important enough for their wealthy humans to chose them as the heir of their fortunes. 

Until December 2011, Trouble held the the title of the richest pooch when Billionaire Leona Helmsey left her fortune to her Maltese pooch, a decision caused "trouble" within her family. 

Trouble died at age 12, but lived an extravagant lifestyle, which included hand fed crab cakes, cream cheese and steamed vegetables, Mercedes limousine rides and international notoriety. 

Since then, Gunther IV and Toby Rimes have become the world's richest dogs

Upon her death in 1992, Countess Karlotta Libenstein of Germany left a millionaire fortune to Gunther III, her four-legged companion, to be managed by trustees. In turn, Gunther IV, son of Gunther III became the owner of the six-digit sum upon his father's passing. This German Shepherd is reportedly a big spender, having bought Madonna's Miami property for several million dollars. He loves white truffles and eats caviar and steak on a daily basis.

Following Gunther IV is Toby Rimes, the descendant of a poodle of the same name who was once owned by New York millionaire Ella Wendel. Upon her death in 1931, Wendel left her fortune to her dog, whose value has more than doubled, and is now in the paws of Toby. 

Another four-legged millionaire was Flossie adopted by dog-loving celebrity Drew Barrymore from an animal shelter. Flossie had a special place in the hearts of the actress and her ex-boyfriend Tom Green, as the pooch alerted the couple that their home was on fire. Barrymore considered Flossie to have saved their lives, and decided to include her beloved furry friend in her will. Although Flossie passed away in 2010, she was one of the top richest dogs in the world.

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