CosmoDoggyNews: Star Recovers After Being Shot by NYPD

Star, the pit bull that was shot by police in New York on August 13th is quickly recovering after undergoing surgery this week. Despite the fact that she lost her left eye, she is able to walk, play, and eat by herself. 

Image: Huffington Post & New York Animal Care and Control
Star was shot in the head when she run towards a policeman in order to prevent him from getting close to her owner. The latter is a homeless man who had fainted on the streets of Manhattan and seemed to be having a seizure

She was taken into Animal Care and Control of East Harlem and donations made to a special fund set up for her paid the cost of her medical bill, which attained $10,000. Because her friend didn't claim ownership, ACC was granted. Star is now under their care and she will be put up for adoption soon. 

Once again, dogs proved to be loyal and unconditionally loving to their human friends. Hopefully, this event will give both Star and her friend a new home and a possibility for a better future.