PAWPARAZZI: And The Winner Is...BABY BOY!!!

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Last week, at the Cannes Film Festival, a poodle named Vincent was awarded the 2013 Palm Dog for his role in the film Behind The Candelabra based on pianist Liberace's life. Vincent portrays Baby Boy, Liberace's blind poodle, who plays an important role in initiating Thorson and Liberace's relationship, which is at the core of the movie's storyline. Vincent’s co-stars include famous actors Michael Douglas and Matt Damon, who play the roles of Liberace and Thorson respectively.

The Palm Dog prize is given to the best canine actors such as Uggi, who received this same prize in 2011. It is for his excellent work as well as for the importance of his character in the development of the story that Vincent was the deserving winner this year according to judges Peter Bradshaw (The Guardian), James Christopher (The Times), Charles Gant (Heat Magazine), Derek Malcolm (The Evening Standard) and Kaleem Aftab (The Independent). 

Congratulations Baby Boy!

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