CosmoDoggyHugs: The Man Who Cares For The Dogs Of Fukushima

Keigo Sakamoto is the only man in Fukushima. He lives almost completely isolated from other human settlements, although he is not alone. He takes care of more than 500 animals in the Fukushima evacuation zone, which presently consists of a distance of up to 45 km from the nuclear central, covering eleven towns.

This incredibly brave man was a farmer in the town of Naraha in the Futaba district where previously 8,000 people lived from agriculture. The tsunami on March 2011 triggered a chain of explosions of the plant's reactors. The situation worsened as days went by, turning Fukushima into a green oasis in no-man's-land. Consequently, the Japanese government ordered a temporary  evacuation of the towns next to the nuclear plant. Many residents had to leave their pets and livestock behind thinking that they could come back to their old lives in a matter of days. However, as the nuclear meltdowns continued to occur, the evacuation zone was extended and hundreds of thousands residents were included, even until this day.
Keigo is the only person living in the area. He endures radioactive pollution levels unfit for human and animal life, namely at the beginning of the disaster. Although many of his animals died for starvation, the survivors reproduced. 

For his part, Keigo survived in order to take care of them. He travels regularly to the closest town to get supplies for himself and visit a pet store that provides him with a portion of the food that he needs to feed his animals.

Many of the people who had to evacuate refused to leave their beloved pets behind and many of them

kept them inside the car in the parking lots near the temporary shelters in Fukushima since at the beginning, only Niigata shelters accepted people and their pets. Mieko Yoshida, a teacher who lost part of her cats in the event organized a campaign to force the government to allow people to rescue or feed their pets or livestock abandoned in the exclusion zone. 

Meanwhile, a hero named Keigo Sakamoto became and continues to be the only man in Fukushima.

The marvelous work of Keigo Sakamoto is now supported by numerous animal welfare associations around the world as well as compassionate individuals. All of them contributed to rescuing the more than 1,500 dogs and cats during the first six months after the disaster. Today, they continue to help and care for the affected animals by supporting and working together with local shelters

Mieko Yoshida's video Cry From Fukushima released during her campaign.

Some of the organizations who collaborate with M. Sakamoto are:
United Kennel Club Japan (UKC Japan)
Japan Cat Network 
Animal Friends Niigata 
Hachiko Animal Federation  

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