PAWPARAZZI: JESSE, The Jack Russell Terrier Can Do It All!

Meet Jesse, the talented Jack Russell Terrier, that can help around the house make and undo beds, prepare coffee and toasts, put out the trash, place his plate in the dishwasher, pick up the newspaper and mail, and many things more! 

Together with Heather, his best human friend and trainer, Jesse has been involved in film work, television, starring in commercials, print ads, live shows, movies, and television shows in countries such as USA, the UK, Germany and Japan.

Jack Russell Terriers are one of the most fun and energetic dogs. They are also loyal, friendly, outgoing, affectionate and love getting lots of attention. They are extremely active dogs who like digging and hunting, as they were bred to be workers in the open fields of Britain. Their bravery and independence is a special characteristic of these dogs as well. Jack Russells can however be trained, and Jesse is living proof of that, if it's clear who listens to whom. They are very intelligent and fast-learners with long memories, which combined with their impressive strength, alertness and playfulness makes them unique.

Watch this charming, fun and lively pooch perform some of it's best ''useful tricks'' below.

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