FUN TASTIC :) Ok Go's Dog-Friendly Music Video

When creativity is combined with an inspiring cause, the result is simply wonderful. This is certainly is the case of the video for the song "White Knuckles" by Ok Go. 

Ok Go is an alternative rock band, known for its original music videos. This band has earned its fame due to the innovative, one-shot choreographies performed by the musicians as well as the creative use of everyday objects in the dances. 

One of their most famous videos was the one for their song "White Knuckles", which featured several canine participants. These talented dogs are from animal rescue shelters and were individually trained by, the rightly-named, Talented Animals

The trainers certainly succeeded in ensuring the pooches brought lots of energy and excitement while simply performing a number of obedience tricks rather than extreme or highly-demanding tasks. Another inspiring aspect is the fact that Ok Go assured a portion of the sales of the song were donated to the ASPCA in order to help animals in need.

Ok Go enjoy the music video below!

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